Fixed the Following page (blog roll / RSS aggregator).
- Previously the page used Google Feeds API, which was EOL'ed and eventually discontinued. Since much of the page was based on the capabilities, I went ahead and reproduced the functionality with a server-side call.
  Several benefits:
  - First and foremost, the code is now under my own control, and can't be abruptly discontinued
  - Secondly, I don't implement any caching, so the page will always reflect the RSS feed's live data
I will make a quick write-up, in case others are interested.

Massive blog page load performance improvements when I removed some unused data queries.

Fixed the placeholder text for the search box.

Updated the Blog Tag Cloud and Archives to be collapsable. Still expanded by default, but that might change over time.

Updated the Blog Tag Cloud and Archives to be slightly more asynchronous. Also updated the Latest blog posts to load via JavaScript asynchronously.

Updated the Blog Archives to load via JavaScript, which should help the page load time.

Updated the Blog Tag Cloud to load via JavaScript, so that the page can load more quickly.

Updated the Following page (blog roll / RSS aggregator)...
- Feed loading now uses jQuery, so pages should load much faster. Feeds now load using Google Feed, which also changes the data returned, so some data like the author won't always track back to the blog source as easily.
- UI has been updated to combine results from all sources sorted by post data, so it should be easier to know what's new across all posts.
- UI has also been updated with a masonry look. The page is a bit longer due to some of the extra margins/padding.

I added a Visitor Map to several of the pages

I added LinkedIn and Google+ share buttons, as well as Disqus comments to the blog posts.

I added a Links page.

I updated the event calendar to include an archive of old events, as well as links to slides (via SlideShare). If you are looking for my presentation slides, look in the EVENT CALENDAR, not my blog.

Added an event calendar... this is specifically targetted for speaking engagements, but may also include other events that I'll be attending.

Just added an RSS feed to the blog... no clue who would be interested, if anyone... but it's there.

Recently added a page for the people whose blogs I follow, sometimes referred to as a blogroll... it also includes an RSS aggregator (my own sweet doings :)), thus increasing my laziness as I can now check just the one location. Wonder what it'll mean to search crawlers... perhaps if I had any sort of analytics being collected, I'd know, but that's the last thing I care about... this site is mine, and intended primarily for me... that it's open to everyone is primarily because I don't want to authenticate if I don't have to :)

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